The Onion River Exchange (ORE) is your Timebank in Central Vermont

Timebanking uses a time-based currency.

  • Give one hour of service to another person, and receive one time credit.
  • Receive an hour of service from another person and give one time credit.

Timebanking takes place through exchanges by members as they give and receive services to and from each other, or through group and community activities and projects. Members can include individuals, groups and organizations. You can use the time credits in turn to receive services — or you can donate them to others.

See the Circle of Exchanges

An hour of service is always one time credit regardless of the nature of the service performed.

One Hour = One Credit  helps us to remember that regardless of whether we value what we do in different ways, we share a fundamental equality as human beings.

A Complementary Currency  for sharing, giving and receiving

In Timebanking the hour is a complimentary currency which seeks to connect us through the relationships we create through giving and receiving. It operates in this way as a complement to the money-dominated world we inhabit.

Our timebanking relationships are based upon the ORE Timebanking Values.

We are migrating to new timebank software. During this process the actual timebank web site is offline. We will inform you when it is back online. Thank you for your patience. We expect this to be ready in early 2024.

Join and share with us.

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