About ORE

Roger MichaelThe Onion River Exchange (ORE) timebank began in April 2008 as an outgrowth of Envision Montpelier in an effort to ensure community sustainability, increase community connectedness. To provide opportunities for everyone to participate in sharing services with each other using the currency of time not dollars ORE created a timebank. In October of 2012, Reach Service Exchange Network merged with ORE into a single Time Bank, the Onion River Exchange. Since the merger, ORE has recruited new Board members, focused on capacity building, and through a grant from the Community Foundation have revisited our Strategic Plan. In 2015 ORE also started a Tool Library for all timebank members. In 2017 ORE collaborated with other organizations to offer a series of Repair Cafes.

Due to the COVID virus, public activities of ORE have been put on hold.  We do not have a public office. The Tool Library is paused.

The ORE Timebank continues, but with less face-to-face exchanges. We are now working to re-develop timebank in this time of great change.

Join the ORE Timebank

Our Mission is to promote the exchange of skills and talents, using time instead of money, to increase the sustainability and well-being of communities.

Our Vision is a world of empowered, interdependent and resilient communities where everyone is valued equally, and has access to the services they need to enhance their well-being.


The Organization

Onion River Exchange is led by its Board of Directors as authorized by the ORE Bylaws.  For more details, see the ORE organizational documents and the ORE Financial Reports.

Onion River Exchange is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in Vermont (see the Vermont Certificate of Incorporation and Certificate of Amendment) and is recognized by the IRS a tax exempt 501(c)3 charity. (See the IRS 501c3 Determination Letter). Contributions and gifts to the Onion River Exchange are tax deductible.


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