How the ORE Timebank Works

time bank clock

The Onion River Exchange helps members to exchange services without using money. Instead, our members give and receive services for Time Credits, a time-based currency. Services can vary from mechanical work to home cooked meals to yoga lessons and many more. Each service is worth the time you spend providing it. For example, you could earn an hour of credit for giving someone a ride to a doctor’s appointment, and use that credit to have someone make you dinner.

Time Credits are based on time and everyone’s time is valued equally. Members earn 1 Time Credit for each hour they spend doing a service for another member, regardless of the type of service. They may use their credits to receive a service from any other member in the time bank. Members may also donate their time credits to another member or organization.

  • One Hour = One Time Credit
  • Members spend their credits on services they need, and gain credits by providing services for other members
  • Members can post requests and offers, search for services, and track their credits using our online timebanking system, Community Weaver.
  • See the ORE Five Core Values
  • Look at an example of the Circle of Exchanges
  • See a list of current ORE timebank services, both offers and requests.


An ORE timebank member  writes:  “Since hurting my back I have been unable to do all the things that are part of my everyday life.  Thank goodness for ORE members who shovelled snow off my driveway, drove me to appointments, walked my dog, helped keep the basic weeds out of my garden, and provided massage therapy.  I could not have afforded to pay for these services.  Thank you.”



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