ORE-Timebank Orientation

ORE-Timebanking Orientation

Do you want to learn more about timebanking?  Do you want to learn more about the Onion River Exchange (ORE) Timebank?

  • For those of you who are new to timebanking, this event will serve as an orientation.
  • For those of you who are already an ORE timebank member and want to learn more about how timebanking works, this will be a re-introduction for you.

This will be a chance to learn about the goals and values that make ORE and timebanking unique. At this workshop/orientation/introduction, we’ll be covering:

  • What a timebank is: it’s purpose and a bit of history – ORE’s roots
  • How timebanking contributes to our community and how it might help change our world
  • The values that lie at the core of timebanking and how they are manifest in our offers and requests

We will also explore how you can use ORE to creatively expand your own horizons. We plan some exercises to get us all thinking outside our usual boxes.

This event will not focus on the online timebank software program,Community Weaver, that ORE uses . If you need assistance learning how to navigate that software, we can help you with that at another time.

For those new to Timebanking, the Onion River Exchange (ORE) Timebank is a place for members to exchange skills, talents, and services using time instead of money. It a sharing community of giving and receiving. Each person’s time has the same value. We record the time (hours) of service given and received. The timebank is a network of individuals, and organizations that share services with each other.

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Come early. Snacks will be served at 5:45

The orientation will take place in Montpelier at the Montpelier Senior Activity Center (58 Barre St) next to the ORE office.

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