Onion River Exchange-Time Banking Orientation

Working together to build a better community one person at a time.
Working together to build a better community one person at a time.

Onion River Exchange started the “New Year” building community with a Time Banking Orientation on January 8, 2020.

It was an evening filled with amazing people wanting to learn more about time banking. The energy in the room was filled with excitement; as people shared their ideas, thoughts, and a bit of themselves. It was a great time socializing, partaking, and exploring the world of time banking. 

Eric and Dorie shared their personal experiences as facilitators and members of Onion River Exchange. They led a network of individuals by providing help and support as a reciprocal service exchange network.

They helped us look at time banking as an opportunity to become more active in the community through every experience encountered; by learning to give and receive services. No service is too big or small to help another. No matter the service being exchanged, for example, child care, repotting plants, a ride to the doctor, a massage, or tax help- all of these skills are considered equal and valuable in time.

ORE is a network of individuals ready to give and receive services, to learn a new skill, meet new people, connect with others, and support a complementary economy, all while saving money. That is what time banking is all about.

Stay tuned for our next Time Banking Orientation and other important events.

 For more information on membership and time banking, email us:info@orexchange.org



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