How ORE Saved us Money on Plumbing!

ello Everyone, I want to share my experience with Onion River Exchange-Timebanking. We had a leak in one of our bathrooms for about 6 months. We stopped using that shower which was hard too do when you have kids.. My husband and I were looking for a plumber to fix the leak but it was costly. So we decided not to use that bathroom for a while in order to safe money to afford a plumber. Anyways, time continue to move as life goes on. And the disadvantage of not using our other bathroom became an inconvenience. I decided to reach out Onion River Exchange. I posted a request for a plumber and in a few days I got some emails. We arranged a time and day for the person to come to our house and take a look at the leak. That was the best thing I did. It took the plumber a few hours to fix the leak. He was Amazing! He was a retired plumber who came prepared with all his tools, was so knowledgeable in the field, fixed the leak, made a door accessible to the plumbing area, and clean-up! All done with time as the currency. You had to see the look on my husband’s face when it was all done and we didn’t have to pay any money. Time Banking really works. It did for us and we are so grateful. I am discovering that you can truly build connection with other people, learning something and save money. I am now looking for a carpenter who does flooring. I am finally getting my house in good shape all thanks to Onion River Exchange!


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