Pay Your Timebank Membership Fee

The Onion River Exchange  cannot run the timebank and tool library on time credits alone.  Our regular costs include the office rent, utilities, printing, telephone, hosting costs for the web sites, etc.

In order to cover our costs we ask all members of the timebank for an annual fee.

  • Individuals $25 per year
  • Households $40 per year
  • Organizations $100 per year

Checks are our favorite and can be sent to:   Onion River Exchange, 46 Barre St., Montpelier, VT 05602

Please keep in mind that for Pay Pal transactions ORE is chagrged an additional fee. We would very much appreciate it if you would include that fee in your payment (for $25 the fee is $1.03, for $40 the fee is $1.46, for $100 the fee is $3.20).

Or use your credit / debit card to pay via PayPal. Choose the amount below.

Individuals $25

Households $40

Organizations $100

Please talk with staff if cost is prohibitive.  Instead of dollars, we also offer a way for you to pay your annual support using timebank hours if you help us with outreach, fundraising, office assistance – a great way to earn time from ORE. 

Help to keep ORE a place where we all can share in giving and receiving.